@Salon57 passionately believes in offering you the best homecare options. We chose ranges that we believe offer our clients the best quality and affordability for all. We are proud to be in partnership with L’Oréal, Moroccan Oil, British Hair, American Crew and Cloud Nine.



Discover L’Oréal professional expertise in shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling with their innovative and vast range of products. Carefully developed to suit any needs, from dry to oily hair, from coloured to curly hair, we have the product that is suited for you.



Moroccan Oil

An industry pioneer- Moroccan Oil
What began as a single, revolutionary product that pioneered a new category in the hair industry, has grown into a full line of hair products, all infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, signature to the brand. Dedicated to providing the highest quality hair products, Moroccan oil has grown into an iconic Hair brand in less than a decade

The Original foundation for all hair types
Moroccan oil set out to create the proper canvas for all hair care and hairstyling. Their signature product, Moroccan oil Treatment, is the perfect foundation for hair. Complete with both styling and conditioning benefits, this award-winning formula infused with argan oil creates long-lasting smoothness, increases manageability, speeds up blow-dry time and boosts shine.



British Hair

British Hair is the newest addition to our home care range.

introducing Botani-Q Complex by British Hair, where Performance is at the Heart of the Range.

QUINOA: the latest ingredient innovation binds to the hair shaft and penetrates the cortex, helping to repair deep within the hair.

COCONUT ALKANES: a unique plant-derived silicone alternative obtained from Coconut oil, imparts exceptional shine and lustre to hair without weighing it down. Delivers a time/shine release for longer lasting shine.

MORINGA SEED EXTRACT: an active ingredient based on botanical peptides from the seeds of the Moringa tree, strengthens hair and offers protection against the damaging effects of UV rays and thermal styling tools.

Imagine stronger healthier hair created the natural way with up to a 32% reduction to damaged hair.

Seeing is believing. British Hair has been designed, formulated and created by real professional hairdressers working in a salon’s everyday using their knowledge, skill and professionalism to produce an amazing aspirational affordable product range.



American Crew

American Crew continues to lead the way in the men’s grooming. @57’s passionate commitment to men’s grooming is to bring men into salons, provide them with a great new experience and showing them new ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives.

We chose American crew because it consistently pioneers the latest styles and the most innovative products made for men, never forgetting its job is to give men the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day.



Cloud Nine

So exactly why are Cloud Nine products the best for you?

“9/10 people who experienced Cloud Nine innovative temperature control, felt the mineral coating glide through and smooth their hair, said they would never go back to inferior products”.

Cloud Nine tools are designed to reduce hair damage, leaving your hair visibly healthier with an effortless, natural style.
Why did we choose Cloud Nine @57?


Cloud Nine tools are equipped with unique Smart Technology which intelligently functions to maintain your chosen individual styling temperature.

With adjustable heat styling from cloud nine you choose temperature to suit your hair.

Your Hair, Your Heat, Your Style.

Ceramic Heat Technology

SmartTech combined with Mineral Infused Ceramic Technology in Cloud Nine styling tools ensures a completely EVEN TEMPERATURE across the entire super-smooth, mineral-infused, ceramic surface.

No hotspots, no pull, no drag. No problem.


Our iron and wands emit negative ions (anions). These helpful molecules lock-in moisture, seal the cuticle layer and minimise damage to your hair’s natural structure. *Anions are also believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy.



@57 will happily demonstrate to you how the irons, wands and hairdryers work, just arrange your complimentary consultation, try before you buy.

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