Permanent Waves (Perm)

What is a Perm?

A perm is a chemical way of changing the hairs structure. In general perming techniques are used to change the hair from straight to wavy or curly.

What is the process for a perm?

A perm will usually take a couple of hours. In this time the hair is prepared and wound in special perm rods or formers. Once all the rods/formers are in place, then a special perm solution is applied. The perm solution must then be left to develop. Once developed, the hair is ready to be rinsed, and all of the perm solution is flushed out. Next, the neutraliser or fixative can be applied and again left to develop. Once this process is finished, the hair is ready to be conditioned and styled.

What is the life cycle of a perm?

Once the hair has gone through the chemical transformation of a perm, it is altered permanently until that hair is cut off. However, the hair will behave differently during the varied stages of the perm. In the first 2 weeks when the root lift is at its maximum, the hair will have the most lift and volume. Sometimes this can take a bit of getting used to as the hair doesn’t usually have this amount of body. From 3 to 8 weeks the hair settles and is relatively easy to style.  From 8 weeks the hair will need a maintenance trim, as the added weight on the hair from growth will pull the curl or waves down. Once trimmed, the hair bounces back, and the curls or waves are refreshed. From 12 weeks on shorter hair, the hair can be ready to be freshly permed again. On longer hair, this can be from 16 weeks plus, depending on the hairs condition and growth.

How can I look after my Perm?

We highly recommend using Olaplex during your perming service. This strengthens the hair structure and gives your hair the best possible start to its perm. After this, we recommend you refrain from shampooing your hair for 48 to 72 hours. This allows the hairs protein (keratin) to harden to its original strength. It is important to use pH balanced shampoos and conditioners to maintain the life of your perm. We recommend salon professional products to ensure your perm lasts the maximum time possible. Harsh shampoos and conditioners can relax the permed hair, and/or leave a build-up, which may interfere with future chemical services. @Salon57 will happily guide you on the best ranges for you.

Can I colour my hair after a perm?

We recommend you refrain from colouring your hair for a minimum of 7 days after the perming process. By combining Olaplex in Salon services, professional home care, and regular trims, your hair should be in the best possible condition, which allows for multiple services after your perm.

How can I style my permed hair?

The easiest way to dry your new curls or waves is with a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. Please ask to see one in action in the salon if you are unsure. This great tool diffuses the air from the dryer to allow the heat to softly dry the hair.  Professional styling products can aid in the feel and finish of your waves or curls.  For a more natural finish, the hair can be left to air dry naturally. It is recommended that after you have slept on your hair, if you are not planning to shampoo, that you use a water spray to wet the hair and allow the curls or waves to reform. You can blow-dry your hair smooth or into bouncy curls, however we recommend you refrain from using a straightening tool, as these can cause damage to your curls.