Looking good is even more rewarding!

Our client experience is just as important to us as your haircut. We value loyalty and never take our clients choice to visit us for granted.

This is why we have partnered with Trebbly to be able to create our new bespoke, digital, and interactive reward system.

We are very, very happy to reward loyalty as such you will gain points on every visit.

The system is  easy to use, and you, our clients, are in control of how and when you wish to spend your points. You simply register a key card or download the App and you’re off, collecting points ready to spend in the salon.

There are other ways to earn more points too. Write a review through the App, or whilst you are in the salon. Recommending us to your friends and family is priceless to us, so with an easy link to send, you can earn lots more points when they visit the salon for the first time.

Choose which rewards work best for you, browse them on the App and treat yourself on your next salon visit.

No more storing and losing loyalty cards. Never miss gaining points or the option to spend your points each visit.

Now looking good really is even more rewarding!

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