Hair M.O.T’s

Every third appointment @salon57 would like to offer you a complimentary Hair M.O.T 

This bespoke addition to our services gives you, our client the opportunity to discuss your hair goals, check how you are feeling about the condition of your hair, look at which products you are using, and to see if we need to tweak anything. 

We will happily look at how you can style your hair at home, offering some new tips and how to use tools to help you with your desired results.

 We also have the opportunity to check your Hair Colour services, looking at how long your colour is lasting, any issues you may have, and also being able to offer advice on prolonging the life of your colour. We will be able to make some suggestions to keep your hair looking fresh and on point, working alongside new fashion trends.

Once we have established your hair needs, we will be able to look at your hair in much greater detail at our cleansing area. We will look at your hairs elasticity and porosity. This is important to the way your hair behaves and feels, and to prevent colour fade.  After your hair has been analysed, we will be able to offer you a bespoke treatment plan, alongside the best homecare products to achieve great hair every day. 

Our priority is to help you to achieve your hair goals pressure free. As a professional salon, we always offer our advice freely. 

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