Coronavirus Update @Salon57

On behalf of Philippa, felicity and the rest of the team @salon 57 we have made the decision, that for the health and well being of our team, and our clients, to temporarily close the salon with immediate effect. We really do care about you all and after the government’s advice on Friday, we feel it’s the right time to put people first.

We will all have to make sacrifices and not being able to look after our lovely clients will be hard for all of our team. Initially we are working to a time frame of 2 weeks, although this could quite easily increase.

We will be contacting clients with bookings in the coming days for the first 2 week period. As more time passes we will keep contacting clients with further updates. One thing is for sure ,we can’t wait to see you all as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you all stay well.

Thank you for your support and loyalty, we really do appreciate it.

New Year, New Clients

Start the New Year feeling fabulous

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All New Clients throughout January and February 2020 will receive £10 off their first cutting service


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T’s & C’s

Offer valid any day any time during January and February 2020. Offer valid for new clients to @salon57 or returning clients of one plus years. Offer can be used as recommend a friend. Offer is not valid on children’s services as these are already reduced prices. Offer is not valid with any other discounts. Offer maybe removed at the discretion of the manager at any time without prior notice. Goody bags are available whilst stocks last and only one per client.

@salon57 service description

@salon57 we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. We are asked many times by prospective clients what certain services mean and what are they. With this in mind we feel it would be helpful to give you a brief understanding of what is involved for various services you may not be fully aware of.


With a high percentage of hair colour clients not knowing what a toner is, we thought as experts in our field, we would help to explain fact from fiction, and how to make your colour last.

Toning is the most important part of the hair colouring process. Most colour clients have a toner on their hair, but only see the added cost.

  • Firstly, when you bleach/ pre lighten hair, you are not colouring it. You are simply swelling and lifting the natural hair colour pigment. The darker the hair, the more stages of lifting is required. The colour lifts from Black – brown – red – orange – yellow – pale yellow. The best way to lift hair is slow and with professional pre lightening/bleaches.
  • The level of lift your hair requires, will determine which toners will be necessary to achieve your look.
  • Toners are colours that are used for the next stage in your desired result. Toners can take the hair colour anywhere, from soft natural hues, to strong greys; multiple toners are sometimes required to ensure the desired result.
  • If left un-toned, then the hair will have the level of lightness required, but will appear raw, i.e. too yellow/orange and brassy, depending on the levels lifted and the natural undertones of the hair.
  • Toners can be used to neutralise these raw tones to a softer more natural colour. Mauve/violet and blue/ash tones are used to neutralise yellow and orange tones. (Not to be tried at home as mixtures are very unique to every client.) These tones will change the colour to leave the hair a beautiful and natural looking blonde.
  • When toning blondes using the cool tones, you can take the hair from a pale yellow to beautiful silver or grey, by using several toners to neutralise first, and then change the colour to a stunning silver or grey.
  • You can maintain a cool/silvery blonde at home, by using a salon professional cool pigmented shampoo and conditioner. Your stylist will advise when and how to use these.
  • Toning isn’t just for blondes and lighter colours, if you want to keep your red fresh and vibrant, or your copper vivid and bright, then a toner can be used to achieve this in-between your usual colouring services.
  • How long should a toner last? “Depending on your hair type toners can last between 2 and 6 weeks. The general rule of thumb is that previously coloured hair, which is more porous, will hold colour for less time than natural or ‘virgin’ hair, which is able to hold colour for up to six weeks”
  • Toners don’t just add colour to the hair, they increase the shine as well. Our toners @57 are acid based, and as so reflect light to give the hair a glossy varnish-like effect, which is called glossing, and can be clear, so as not to change the colour of the hair. A good way to think of tones is like a lip gloss, either with or without colour to boost shine and condition.
  • How can you improve the colours longevity? There is a lot of talk on which products to use at home to prevent colour fade. Firstly, professional products bought from our salon are pH balanced, and made with high quality ingredients to maintain the hairs protein and moisture balance. Each head of hair will have different specific needs based from strand tests, the hairs thickness, density, and history. Your stylist will have the expertise to recommend the right home care and routine for you.
  • Toning prices are additional to your colour/lightening service, and will always be explained to you prior to any work being carried out. We charge £10 per application. It may not be possible to achieve your target shade without toning, and may require more than one sitting for certain colour work. A stylist will always advise against a service if the desired result is not possible within your budget. We will always endeavour to offer you multiple options.

All colour clients must have had a previous colour in the salon, or have been skin tested a minimum of 48 hours prior to any colour service. We take your health and safety very seriously.

Launching a new Lunchtime blow dry service

Now you can relax and unwind on your lunch break with a stress relieving complimentary scalp massage, complimentary refreshments and a beautiful blow-dry and finish all in 30 minutes.

This great addition to our service menu is an excellent way to aid good mental health and a good sense of general wellness. This 30 minute service will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

Ideal for those spontaneous nights out, a meal with friends or if you just need some TLC.

This service is available weekdays 12 noon until 2pm. A stylist will be appointed on arrival.

Book online “lunchtime blow-dry” or call 0116 255 8596


T’s & C’s apply

@SALON57 celebrating 7 years

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary @salon57, we thought it would be nice to reflect and share with you our journey so far.

Felicity and I (Philippa) started @57 back in March 2012. Having worked successfully together for over 20 years, we believed we had the right combination of friendship, professionalism and vision to really make @57 a great success. Those of you that know us will know how opposite we are in so many ways but how fantastic that makes us as a team. Fliss has a strong business mind and is a wiz with numbers and planning, whereas I prefer the creative side and love to teach.

Our top priority is you – our clients. Without you we have no salon. As salon owners, we truly value your loyalty and support, and as stylists, we really love to exceed your expectations. This has enabled us over the past 7 years to really grow as a salon and bring a new genuine service to all of our clientele.

We believe in offering our clientele the very best of us. This begins with the ease of making appointments, whether face to face, by phone or online. We enjoy creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere where you can truly relax and unwind. We are passionate about a thorough consultation before every service as we strive to solve your hair problems, and help you to re-create your look at home – not just after your visit, but every day until your next appointment.

We really care about what you use on your hair at home. Why? Because it can dramatically alter the way your hair and scalp feel as well as hindering how colours and conditioning treatments work. What we do not believe in is pressure selling. I’m sure some of you have experienced salons previously where several products are placed in front of you and you’ve felt pressured to purchase around 2 of these products. Whilst these products will be professional and personalised to your hair, the expectation on the day to purchase them can be off-putting and spoil your experience. So, what makes us different? Firstly, we will always be happy to advise you on the correct type of products your hair needs and will benefit from, yet how we approach this is different. We will never put a range of products in front of you for you “to choose” which ones to take. What we will do is happily show and explain to you which products we have used and why. There is zero pressure to purchase anything as this is about your choice. Our stylists are not given any retail commission targets to hit, which means they are free to be genuine with their product recommendations and are under no pressure “to sell”. If in the unlikely event you didn’t like a product purchased from us, then we would be happy to exchange it to help you find something more suitable. We do not believe you should have a bathroom cupboard full of unused products. This compliments our relaxed atmosphere.

We enjoy working alongside some fantastic global companies, such as L’Oreal professional, Moroccan Oil and more recently British Hair. We love our training days, especially the inspiration and motivation it gives our whole team.

We like to keep ahead and embrace new game-changing products, like OLAPLEX. Revolutionary to hairdressing this product has enabled stylists to push the hairs boundaries’ whilst not compromising the hairs condition.

We also love the new Dream Coat by wow; this new technology enables the hair to be protected from moisture, rain, steam and humidity. Cleverly applied before your blow dry, this product can be activated for up to 3 washes, prolonging the life of your blow-dry/style.

Our latest game-changer is new technology from British Hair. RESET is a colour removing service that not only removes oxidised colour from the hair, but with zero bleach and zero ammonia it is also damage free, enabling colour corrections and changes of colour that previously were not possible.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients on point with all the latest fashion trends and influences. Even the smallest of fashion tweaks can refresh a look and prevent you from feeling dated and stale.

We value the importance of regular education days. It is crucial our team stays highly motivated and inspired. We encourage our team to be creative and we love to show off their skills in competitions, such as reaching the finals in the L’Oréal colour trophy, which is a national hairdressing competition which showcases some of the best hairdressing talents across the country.

During the last 7 years Fliss and I have grown not only personally, but professionally too. We have a far better understanding of what makes a salon successful and how to achieve our goals. We would like to thank our loyal and trusted team, as well as our clients who have supported us and continue to do so and help us to grow by recommending their friends and family, which is truly the best compliment any salon could receive. We would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to our families and close friends as their support and belief in us has encouraged us to grow and strive to be the very best we can be.
We hope you will join us for an evening of celebration and help to raise some pennies for a charity close to many people’s hearts.

Young Minds are leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.

Thank you to everyone who has made our 7 years simply the best!
Philippa and Felicity (Fliss)
Directors @57

COLOUR RESET a new era in colour correction and colour removal.

Brand new Colour Reset has arrived @salon57. This new service gives you, the client, the option to remove artificial colour safely and with ease. This vegan friendly, zero-bleach and zero-ammonia service will also remove any product build, up whilst restoring the hairs natural shine and lustre. Reset will not lift natural colour or tone virgin hair. Reset is made with Argan oil for its healing and smoothing properties, leaving the hair feeling amazing after the colour removal. As this service is simple and safe, the hair can be re-coloured on the same day. Use reset to refresh over toned hi-lights or to take the hair back to its natural base, creating a new blank canvas for all future colour applications.

Why we love it.


@salon57 offers a complimentary consultation to any clients wishing to discuss this service further. A skin test is required prior to this service.

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